Southeast Alaska Project

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Some shoots are simply breathtaking and our two weeks in stunning Southeast Alaska is right at the top of our list. Frank and Tyler are taking in the epic beauty and helping collect wonderful stories – stay tuned for future videos.

The Quilting Bee & Corner Booth Media

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The Quilting Bee is a locally owned gathering place for sewers, quilters and anyone with a creative bent. “The Bee” has served the Spokane community for over 25 years. We’ve had such a pleasure working with this awesome business and their fantastic owners, Treasure and Scot Auble. Last month, after some arm twisting, Treasure made her small screen debut. She was fantastic! What do you think?

Climbing With Chris Kopczynski

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This project was a blast, but also a scheduling nightmare! The plan was to film Chris Kopczynski, the President of Dishman Hills Conservancy, his daughter Kellie, and Jeff Johnson, board member of the Dishman Hills Conservancy. They would hike and climb to the top of Big Rock in the Dishman Hills while we filmed them. Chris Kopczynski, 69, is a world famous mountain climber. His career spans over 50 years where he scaled hundreds of mountains, like Robson, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Denali, Everest, and the Eiger. He became the ninth American to scale Everest and the 12th man in the world to climb the highest peak on all seven continents. Chris’ passion for rock climbing started when he was 16 when he climbed to the top of Big Rock.

We were super pumped for this project, but winter in Spokane decided to stick around until late March, which makes rock climbing and filming nearly impossible. Plus, Chris Kopczynski and the Corner Booth Media team are huge fans of the Gonzaga Bulldogs. The week we wanted to film, the Bulldogs decided to make it to the National Championship game. Our road trip to the Final Four pushed back filming until the week of the Dishman Hills Celebration Dinner. Luckily, the weather looked sunny on the Sunday before the dinner, so Tyler, Zack, and Mark Baker gathered their equipment and headed to the Dishman Hills.

When we got there, the weather once again became our enemy. The sun was gone. This was the last possible day to shoot so we went with it. During the whole hike up to Big Rock, the weather didn’t change, but we had to keep going. Once we made it to Big Rock, Chris, Kellie, Jeff, and Mark started climbing. Miraculously, the sun broke through the clouds and started shining on the climbers! We took out the drone and started flying. The footage was awesome and the whole day was a success. The next challenge was to edit the video with the dinner right around the corner. It took a couple of long nights, but the end product was a success. We made the deadline and a great video. Watch it here!

We want to thank Chris Kopczynski and the rest of the Dishman Hills Conservancy team who helped make the Dishman Hills Celebration Dinner a success. If you missed the opportunity to attend, there is still time to do your part. Donate today to preserve and protect the Wild Heart of Spokane.

Donate to Dishman Hills

Corner Booth’s Frank Swoboda Interviewed by the Spokane Journal of Business

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The one and only Frank Swoboda was interviewed by Linn Parish of the Spokane Journal of Business. The article, first published in the Spokane Journal of Business, focuses on what’s new in the Corner Booth. “We aren’t just the guys that create it and film it and produce it and tell a great story. We now help our client figure out a plan before we make it. That’s what makes it go even further.” We are excited for what 2017 has in store for us! The article can be read Q&A with Frank Swoboda of Corner Booth …ia video _ Spokane Journal of Business

Corner Booth’s Campaign for STCU makes Inc. Magazine’s Best of 2016

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Corner Booth’s Campaign for STCU makes Inc. Magazine’s Best of 2016 as one of five best local ads in the United States. “Brilliant, Bizarre and Low-Budget: The Best Local Ads” is a recent article featured in Inc. Magazine on December 20,2016. This national magazine set out to find the best local ads across the country in 2016 and drill down on what makes them so successful. Corner Booth Media drew Inc.’s attention for our creative work for STCU, in the category of ‘Making it About Community.’ The article can be read here. We are understandably proud of getting national ink in Inc. Magazine, and excited to bring our successful recipe to work for YOU. You have powerful stories too – and, we’re ready to help you tell them. What’s your story?

Corner Booth Media Website

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It seems natural for us that once we film your story for a web video or television broadcast commercial, we are the best team for creating or updating your website. No one is more familiar with the depth of your story than us – so, let us take that content further towards reaching your audience and ultimately reaching your goals.
We started with our own website. Gulp. Then, for a client. We discovered we have a knack for telling a story beyond directing, producing and editing a beautiful video or commercial. We instinctively know our content and how to leverage it into the elements of a website reflective of you, helping you reach your business goals under one roof.

Wm. Winkler Website

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With almost 100 years in business, Wm. Winkler was widely known as “the sidewalk guys” who made and poured concrete. The team at Corner Booth Media, using our Strategic Planning sessions with top management, drilled down on how to tell the full story of their rich history and wide array of services. Once their story was defined, we filmed them in action, providing content we deftly turned into a WordPress format website.
It is a terrific example of how our bundled services work for clients; from Strategy Sessions which give us an intimate, high level view of where you came from (and where you want to be), to production of quality video, leading to a video library from which to draw upon, to creation of a website. It is a seamless, affordable way to tell your story with tremendous impact and results.

STCU – Hobbes

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We met Hobbes on set during a film shoot for the 2016 STCU media campaign. Six STCU members are featured in the campaign, including  Barb and Marty Mueller, the creators of GIZMO Maker Lab in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Hobbes stole the show when he hilariously ran past the final shot of the day. He achieved celebrity status with our audiences and ultimately earned his very own commercial. Watch him further the mission of STCU and their members who are “Here For Good” in the community. We dare you to not fall in love with this shaggy, lovable, camera ready canine-star. Good boy!