Dr. David Bellamah is one of the most respected vein surgeons in the country. He understands the need to advertise and market to prospective patients. Vein care is complex and misunderstood. Advancements in non-invasive technologies have made vein treatment incredibly effective, and recovery time a fraction of what it was a few years ago.  Dr. Bellamah and his amazing team engaged Corner Booth Media to turn that perception around and put a human face to vein surgery and Bellamah Vein Center. Corner Booth Media runs patient video stories in Missoula, Montana on television, radio and the online platforms of Facebook, Google & Instagram. The result has increased top of mind awareness of BVC and vein treatment as an option for prospective patients.  To date the online media campaign has generated over 193,000 10 second views, for an online media spend of less than $5,200, and has resulted in 1,333 link clicks from online ads to Bellamah Vein Center’s website.