FICO Scores Executive Vice President, Jim Wehmann had a golden opportunity; deliver a keynote addresses at the 2016 World Banking Conference in Washington D.C. Jim wanted to create a memorable presentation (beyond powerpoint) that would propel both the FICO Scores brand, as well as his own, to the most powerful group of peers in his global industry. Jim wanted to bring an authentic and engaging human story to a brand that most consider more of an algorithm than a company made up of people. He wanted to share the stories of regular working Americans and how their FICO score affected their lives in profound and positive ways, and he wanted it to be spontaneous and unscripted.

FICO Scores engaged Corner Booth Media to film hidden camera footage at the Mall of America and weave several video stories together throughout Jim’s 45 minute presentation. The result was hands down the most engaging keynote at the conference. Jim also repeated the presentation the following week for the corporate team at FICO’s Bay Area headquarters. Here are some of the emails Jim received from his colleagues at FICO, after viewing the presentation:

“It was heartfelt and that came through. I also heard comments that it was so human, and that there was a sense of humor (not something you hear often about FICO). I felt a lot of pride being part of the FICO Score institution.”

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