Tom and Karen Fox started Fox Construction in the early 1980s, in Steamboat Springs, CO.  Daughter Sarah took over the company in 2016.  Throughout the years, Fox Construction has been the contractor of choice for countless beautiful buildings that are now an integral part of the valley.  When Fox Construction switched hands from Tom to Sarah, Sarah wanted to be clear that the business model and the deliverables would remain unchanged. And yes, as a woman, she was more than qualified and able to stand in this role. We helped tell the continued story of Fox Construction under Sarah’s lead through various videos that we ran in the local market and later outside of the market to increase revenue streams. Fox remains one of the most influential and respected construction companies in the valley.  We have successfully run 36 video ads online, for less than $10,000! Sarah has upheld all the visions her father set forth, and also increased revenue and the amount of projects they do Fox Construction always strives to exceed its best, and Corner Booth Media is honored to tell and show their story and work.