In 2014 Jeremy Behling and his wife Sarah Fox purchased Yampa Valley Tire Pros with the intent of creating a business that would grow along with their young family in Steamboat Springs. They wanted their story to be authentic and tied to them personally, taking advantage of Steamboat’s small community and word of mouth potential. 

Jeremy also wanted to invest online as much as possible, using platforms like Facebook, YouTube and even texting to get his story out. He also realized the powerful impact of television and radio to raise the overall awareness of his “YVTP” brand in the region, particularly large, wide demographic audiences gathered around “campfire” events like the Broncos on Monday Night Football.

YVTP had an increase of 18% in 2015, its first year of business and is ahead of projections for 2016. The bigger measurable is name recognition and brand awareness. Because of the integrated marketing plan we’ve been implementing YVTP has been able to grow a texting-based “Car Care Club” from zero to hundreds of participants, and nearly every Facebook user who lives in Steamboat has viewed YVTP videos several times over.