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It seems natural for us that once we film your story for a web video or television broadcast commercial, we are the best team for creating or updating your website. No one is more familiar with the depth of your story than us – so, let us take that content further towards reaching your audience and ultimately reaching your goals.
We started with our own website. Gulp. Then, for a client. We discovered we have a knack for telling a story beyond directing, producing and editing a beautiful video or commercial. We instinctively know our content and how to leverage it into the elements of a website reflective of you, helping you reach your business goals under one roof.

Wm. Winkler Website

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With almost 100 years in business, Wm. Winkler was widely known as “the sidewalk guys” who made and poured concrete. The team at Corner Booth Media, using our Strategic Planning sessions with top management, drilled down on how to tell the full story of their rich history and wide array of services. Once their story was defined, we filmed them in action, providing content we deftly turned into a WordPress format website.
It is a terrific example of how our bundled services work for clients; from Strategy Sessions which give us an intimate, high level view of where you came from (and where you want to be), to production of quality video, leading to a video library from which to draw upon, to creation of a website. It is a seamless, affordable way to tell your story with tremendous impact and results.